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Why Swara Sampada?

What, if anything, is different about Swara Sampada? 

*Why Swara Sampada?
There are many non-profit music groups doing wonderful work in their own ways. Then why this organisation?
1. Firstly, because it is meant to forward a certain mission - of encouraging those who never sang before, or had stopped singing, to start singing. Very few organisations would take the trouble of doing this.
2. Secondly, people are forever seeking audiences for their singing. Hardly anyone wants to encourage audiences to sing for themselves, and for each other. Swara Sampada seeks to bring earlier audiences to the stage, and make them realise that they too can sing.
3.Thirdly, there are many critics in this field, whose remarks can destroy music talents. In Swara Sampada criticism is sparingly offered, if at all, and only in a constructive manner. It believes more in appreciation, which gets the best out of singers. And cooperation, which helps each other to improve. Appreciation and cooperation are not just words to be mouthed. They are principles to live by. And Swara Sampadites do it all the time.
4. Fourthly, mistakes are pardoned, though not encouraged. Improvement is encouraged. The positive alone is accented upon. Each one improves at his/her own pace, and the pace can be increased, with a mentor who is as efficient as caring, gentle, persuasive, and always kind. This is 'empathetic mentoring'.
No harsh words or negative criticisms are to be offered or encouraged, either by mentors, or even by others. Most who could sing have been put off singing by some such thoughtless remark sometime in their lives. It is easy to find fault in others, what is more important is to encourage them to improve upon their mistakes, and believe in themselves that they can do it. 
5. Fifthly, it believes in a fraternity of music lovers. Swara Sampada is not just a group, it is an organisation. Already Swara Sampada Chapters are getting formed all over India, and soon the world too. The instant bond that developes between music lovers transcends all boundaties of caste, class, religion, even nationality.
6. Finally, Swara Sampada believes in the universalism of music. Swara Sampada will carry the message of music, brotherhood and peace to all peoples everywhere. In a world interested in building boundaries, Swara Sampada seeks to construct bridges.
7. Voluntary, Not for profit; No politics, show of wealth
Remember Swara Sampada is a voluntary not for profit movement. There is no place for those who want to play politics and show off their wealth in this organisation.
8. Spreading the message: New Chapters
Swara Sampada believes in spreading the message of peace, goodwill and fraternity that music symbolises. It's not enough to enjoy the Swara Sampada experience oneself. Its equally necessary others who would like to experience it to also enjoy its benefits. Hence new chapters are encouraged.
Already new chapters are in the process of getting formed all over.  The founder president himself will take up through the paces and help you all the way. If you want to form a new Swara Sampada Chapter, see http://swarasampada.tripod.com/id16.html
*Message from Founder president Dr Ajai R. Singh
[28 Sept 2010]

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