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Swara Sampada Chapters

1. Swara Sampada [Joshi-Bedekar College, Thane] Feb 2011
2. Swara Sampada Pune Chapter
Formally inaugurated on 26 Jan 2012 by Founder President Dr Ajai R. Singh. President Prof Gosavi and his team organised a lovely musical evening to mark the event. Members from the new group sang enthusiastically, encouraged by applause from the audience. Those from Swara Sampada Main who attended the event were Dr Vijay Thakkar, Dr Shakuntala Singh and Rajesh Dahanukar.
Kudos to the Pune Group. And welcome to the Swara Sampada musical fraternity.
3. Swara Sampada Lonavla on 22 Sept 2013. At Music Hall, Swara Sampada CHS at Pangorli.

4. Swara Sampada Ghatkopar Chapter.
This was formed in Aug 2014 at a glittering function at Kalpataru Aura Community Hall under the dynamic leadership of Mr Hansraj Satra ably assisted by Mr Pradip Savla.
Further Chapters are soon to be formed in Bhubhaneshwar, Baroda, Bangaluru etc.

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