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The Oath of Swara Sampadites

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This is a very important document and must be read and reread by every Swara Sampadite very carefully.

The Oath of Swara-Sampadites

1) We are dedicated to understanding the Science of Music and the Art of Singing.

2) Music is the common binding force amongst us all. It is the life-line of our fraternity.

3) We shall think ten times before trusting a man who has no music in him.

4) We wish to encourage the dormant musical talents in ourselves, and in others. We want to see to it that it no longer remains dormant, that it grows and pervades our consciousness.

5) We shall be very keen listeners of others. Careful listening is 60% of music. The rest 40% is talent (10%), understanding (10%), and riyaz (20%).

6) We shall be appreciators of other's talent. We shall attempt to encourage the good in them always. For, in so doing, we encourage the good in ourselves.

7) Any criticism maybe cautiously offered, if at all, and only if we are convinced it is helpful and constructive for the musical growth of the other. It shall never be to hurt, to settle scores, or to put down the other. It shall always be in private, and with consent.

8) At all times, we shall uphold the dignity of a musical performance. The performer deserves our respect and total concentration, for he is trying to give his best. Talking, eating, cracking jokes etc. during a performance is to be strictly avoided. Thereby, we shall only end up depriving ourselves of becoming careful listeners, which is 60% of music, remember.

9) We shall learn to have faith in the vision and planning of our founders, and our leaders. We shall learn to harmonize with long-term goals, rather than seek short-term gains. We shall make every attempt to gel. If we feel we cannot, we shall seek clarification, guidance, even register protest, in that order. If we still find ourselves out of tune, we shall tune in, or tune off. We shall not attempt to convert the symphony itself into a noise, or stifle the rights of others to continue to enjoy the symphony.

10) We shall, above all, be good human beings. We shall utilize our musical quest towards that goal.
To achieve this objective, we shall see to it that all our actions are:

i. niskama (self-less)
ii. nirabhimana (not egoistic)
iii. lokasamgrahartha (for the benefit of getting people together)
iv. isvararpita (dedicated to the Almighty).

Present and future leaders will specially remember this.

11) We wish to make music a source of joy in our lives. All of us are co-travellers on a musical odyssey. We shall sing along with each other, enjoy each other's singing and each other's company, till the end of our lives.

12) We hope and pray that as and when the end comes, it comes with a song on our lips.

As President, I take this oath in all humility. I request all of you, my co- travellers, to study each item mentioned herein very carefully and take this oath too.

It shall be a lovely journey together. I sincerely wish music become your life-long friend, to add to your moments of joy, and to subtract from your moments of sorrow.

- Dr. Ajai Singh, Sargam, Vol 1:1, April, 2003

Mission Statement

To convert bathroom-singers into drawing room singers, and drawing room singers into stage-singers.

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