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Programmes and Activities 2010


Programmes 2010

22 Aug 2010

Theme: 1 devotional song, 1 free song.

Star Singers were Adv Sanjay Manek, Dr Kamlakar Vazandar, Mr Ashok Doshi.

Chief Guest Mrs Ragini Vishwakarma

July 2010

As every year, we went on a monsoon picnic, this time to Saj Resorts, Mahabaleshwar on 30 July-1 Aug 2010. There were 3 days of music with fun and revelry. 4 families from the proposed Pune Chapter also joined the picnic. The Rafi Nite on 31 was a memorable programme wherein many guests from the Hotel too joined, 4 out of whom were identified as potential Swara Sampada members for the Pune Chapter.

June 2010

Theme: 1 Free song, 1 Ghazal

Star Singers Munnalal Vishvakarma, A.B Ramachandran, Mr Satish Sharma

Chief Guest Mr Maruti Patil

16 May 2010

Theme: 1 Classical based, 1 Free song

Star Singers were Dr Ajai R. Singh [Surprise! Surprise], Mr Jatin Shah,

Chief Guest was Mrs Vibhavari Bandhavkar.

18 April 2010

Theme: 1 Ghazal, 1 Free

Star Singers were Mrs Mohana Joshi, Mr Rajesh Dahanukar, Dr Vijay Thakkar.

Chief Guest Mr Arun Kashalkar

21 Mar 2010

Theme: Free Session.

The new president Dr. Shakuntala successfully handled the full day programme, much to the delight of all present.


Annual Day Feb 2010

A memorable Annual Day programme was conducted on Sun 28 Feb at Ceremonial Hall, Mulund. Dr. Shakuntala Singh took over as the new president of Swara Sampada from founder president Dr. Ajai R. Singh, who will dedicate efforts to form new Swara Sampada Chapters all over.





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