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Group Background

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 Office bearers

Our Founder President
Dr Ajai R. Singh MD

Secretary Swara Sampada
Jatin Shah 09323904764

Mr. Ashok Doshi

Our Mission Statement

To convert bathroom singers into drawing room singers;
and drawing room singers into stage singers.

 See also Office Bearers and Members http://swarasampada.tripod.com/id2.html
Sargam, The Voice Of Swara Sampada
We have a monthly bulletin Sargam wherein  our President Speaks His Mind, Secretary give his report of activities and events and members express their opinions . Also included  are Musical Quiz, and Editorial review of the programmes. The bulletin is released at every Monthly Musical Meet of Swara Sampada.

President Swara Sampada
Dr Shakuntala A. Singh PhD

Any opinions to improve please mail to

President Swara Sampada Mulund [E]
Mr Subhash Nayak Contact 09820428305

History of Our Group

It all started years ago in 2002, when one evening, Dr. Ajai Singh and Dr Vijay Thakkar, two doctor friends from Mulund, a suburb of Mumbai, INDIA, came up with the idea of forming a musical group. Most of us were sceptical, or cautiously optimistic about it, as we were either amateurs or absolutely uninitiated.
However, Our Guru Dr. Ajai Singh took the initiative and gave direction and shape to this Musical Group.
The Musical Journey thus started, most of us started finding the hidden /dormant melody and rhythm within us.
Thereafter, it was proposed to conduct a musical meet every month hosted by each of our members in rotation. Members were given chance for performing and to improve their singing in an atmosphere of encouragement and support.
On 23rd Feb 2003, this group was formally born and named 'Swara Sampada'. The name was suggested by Mr Subhash Nayak and the first formal function where this naming took place was also hosted by him at his place.
For more details read What is Swara Sampada. http://swarasampada.tripod.com/id10.html 
The first Chapter of Swara Sampada has been formed in May 2010 with Mr Subhash installed as its President. It is named Swara Sampada Mulund [E]

Vice President, Swara Sampada
Dr. Vijay Thakkar MBBS, DA

Editor, Sargam
Ms Sarla Ramachandran