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Media and Internet Reports about Swara Sampada

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Swara Sampada

Swara Sampada is a Mumbai, India based organization of music lovers started on 23 February 2003. It consists of families from diverse backgrounds having one thing in common: the love of quality music and the desire to sing it. Most of them have earlier not sung on stage, or if they have, could not continue due to various obstacles. Swara Sampada provides them a platform to start their singing, or restart it, as the case maybe. It provides an atmosphere of positive vibrations amongst its members wherein the positive is accented upon, while helping the individual overcome his musical faults and personality shortcomings, so that he can legitimately graduate to become a quality singer in his own right.

Swara Sampada is a unique musical experiment because it seeks to convert bathroom singers into living room singers, and living room singers into stage singers. Usually a student of music learns diligently from a guru, does his riyaz, seeks to present his talent to audiences and get their appreciation. Swara Sampada believes that while this is alright, only a few very talented, or very persistent, become quality singers this way. The rest either give up, or become appreciative audiences for the talented few. While this suits the talented few very well, and appears to suit the rest too, Swara Sampada believes this is at the cost of one’s own musical development. Music, and singing, may not be as difficult as they are made out to be. If there is persistence, an atmosphere of sincere appreciation, and a fellowship of likeminded individuals wanting to rekindle their desire to learn music, almost everyone can sing, or at least become good appreciators of quality music.

When this experiment was launched, a number of well-intentioned doubted whether it could ever happen, for it seemed to go against most established canons of music. Three years of patient experimentation seem to prove the original premise right: that singing is possible for most, if not everyone, provided the atmosphere is right, and the musical soul is awakened.

Swara Sampada has flowered under the benign guidance of its President and other Office Bearers, who work tirelessly to see this dream become a reality. The spirit of comraderie and bonhomie amongst its members has to be seen to be believed. The magic of Swara Sampada lies in the feeling of musical accomplishment which a member experiences not only when he masters a song, but when his co-member does the same. For Swara Sampadites are generous with their applause and reluctant with their disapprovals.

All Swara Sampadites take an oath that they will be dedicated to understanding the Science of Music and the Art of Singing.

The Swara Sampada Sourcebook on Music (ISBN 81-901406-2-0) has been published by the organisation in February 2005. It is an essential companion for all aspiring singers and connoisseurs of music. It is meant to guide and inspire potential singers, and demystify some commonly held beliefs. It takes the reader step by step through the process of becoming a singer and shares some secrets held closely by good singers, but seldom available to others.




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