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Swara Sampada Main


Mission Statement :

To Help the Evolution of:

1. Bathroom Singers Into Drawing Room Singers

2. Drawing Room Singers Into Stage Singers

3. Stage Singers into Playback Singers and Composers

Self-financing Non-Profit Music Fraternity
Dedicated to the science of music and the art of singing
Swara Sampada is a non-profit organisation of like minded people from different professions with the common interest of wanting to improve their ability to sing and listen to quality music. 
It seeks to  brings to the fore the dormant musical talents of its members and encourages its growth in an atmosphere of appreciation and cooperation.
We welcome guests to attend our programmes.
Please do not fail to read about our
1. Book on Music [see alongside]
2. Forthcoming Events [see below] and
3. What is Swara Sampada 
Who can become members:
1. Those who sang earlier but could not continue for whatever reasons 
2. Those who could never sing at all, but would like to start
3. Those who already sing, but non-professionally
4. Those who want to belong to a national [and soon world] fraternity of music lovers and singers.
Who cannot become members
1.Professional singers
2. People with commercial interests in music
3. Those who want to use the platform for launching their musical careers  
3. Those who enjoy playing politics, indulging in groupism, talking ill of others etc.
Why Swara Sampada?
There are many non-profit music groups doing wonderful work in their own ways. Then why this organisation?
1. Firstly, because it is meant to forward a certain mission - of encouraging those who never sang before, or had stopped singing, to start singing. Very few organisations would take the trouble of doing this.
2. Secondly, people are forever seeking audiences for their singing. Hardly anyone wants to encourage audiences to sing for themselves, and for each other. Swara Sampada seeks to bring earlier audiences to the stage, and make them realise that they too can sing.
3.Thirdly, there are many critics in this field, whose remarks can destroy music talents. In Swara Sampada criticism is sparingly offered, if at all, and only in a constructive manner. It believes more in appreciation, which gets the best out of singers. And cooperation, which helps each other to improve. Appreciation and cooperation are not just words to be mouthed. They are principles to live by. And Swara Sampadites do it all the time.
4. Fourthly, mistakes are pardoned, though not encouraged. Improvement is encouraged. The positive alone is accented upon.
5. Fifthly, it believes in a fraternity of music lovers. Swara Sampada is not just a group, it is an organisation. Already Swara Sampada Chapters are getting formed all over India, and soon the world too. The instant bond that developes between music lovers transcends all boundaties of caste, class, religion, even nationality.
6. Finally, Swara Sampada will carry the message of music, brotherhood and peace to all peoples everywhere. In a world interested in building boundaries, Swara Sampada seeks to construct bridges.
New Chapter
If you want to form a new Swara Sampada Chapter, see
Even if you have hit upon this site by chance or out of curiosity, please do spend some time over it for your own welfare. Swara Sampada is a non-profit musical group. If you understand its philosophy, it may just help make you become a better singer, and a better appreciator of quality music. And if you have nursed a secret desire to sing but did not know how to go about it, this site is positively for you.
Founder President Dr Ajai R. Singh MD
[President 2003-2010]
Hon President 2013-2014
Mr Ajay Joshi
Hon Secretary 2013-2014
Ms Meenakshi Khosla
Past Presidents
1. Dr Shakuntala A. Singh PhD [2010-2011]
2. Dr Vijay Thakker MBBS, DA [2011-2012]
2. Mr Jatin Shah                      [2012-2013]

22 Sept 2013
Swara Sampada Lonavla has been set up under the guidance of the Founder President. The inaugural session lasted from 3 pm to 930 pm.
Swara Sampada Lonavla will meet at Swara Sampada Music Hall at Pangorli, on the last Sun of every month 3 pm onwards..


26 JAN 2012: Swara Sampada Pune Chapter
Swara Sampada Pune Chapter has been formally inaugurated on 26 Jan 2012 by Founder President Dr Ajai R. Singh. President Prof Gosavi and his team organised a lovely musical evening to mark the event. Members from the new group sang enthusiastically, encouraged by applause from the audience. Those from Swara Sampada Main who attended the event were Dr Vijay Thakkar, Dr Shakuntala Singh and Rajesh Dahanukar.
Kudos to the Pune Group. And welcome to the Swara Sampada musical fraternity.


Forthcoming Monthly Meet October 2011

         The meeting will be held at Purandare Hall, Mulund [W], Mumbai 400 080, Ground floor. Date 23 Oct, Sunday. Time 9.30 am onwards. Theme: 1 Folk/free song [Oct is festival month in India], 1 Song originally sung by Kishore Kumar/Asha Bhosale [ It being Kishore Kumar's birthday month.]

Regular Monthly Meet Sept 2011

The regular monthly meeting of Sept 2011 was held at Purandare Hall, Mulund west on 18 Sept 2011. The theme was songs of films starring Shammi Kapoor. The programme began with a 1 min silence as a mark of respect to Shammi Kapoorji. Star singers were Adv Sanjay Manek, Ms Nirmala Savla and Ms Monica Jotwani. Founder President Dr Ajai Singh presented songs based on Raga Bhimpalasi.

Monthly Meet Aug 2011

The regular monthly meet for Aug 2011 was held at Purandare Hall on 21 Aug 2011. Theme was 1 patriotic song [it being Independence day month] and 1 free song. Star singers were Dr Shakuntala Singh and Ms Geeta Mesta. Founder President Dr Ajai Singh presented Raga Lalit.

Monsoon Picnic July 2011

Swara Sampadites went on their yearly monsoon picnic this time to Daman from 29-31 July 2011. They held their Annual Rafi Nite there which was covered by the local media. All in  all an event to remember ably organised by Sec Ajay Joshi, assisted by Mohna Joshi, Ashok Doshi and Meenakshi Khosla.

Regular Monthly Meet November 2010

  • The regular monthly meet will be held on 21 Nov 2010 [Sunday] 9.30 am onwards at Purandare Hall, Ground floor, V.P. Road, Mulund [W], Mumbai 400 080. Theme is free songs.
  • The 24 Oct 2010 programme resounded with the many melodious songs originally rendered by Manna Deji and Asha Bhonsaleji.

Regular Monthly Meet October 2010

  • The regular monthly meet will be held on 24 Oct 2010 [Sunday] 9.30 am onwards at Purandare Hall, Ground floor, V.P. Road, Mulund [W], Mumbai 400 080. Theme is 1 song of 'Manna De' /'Asha Bhonsale' and 1 free song. Star singers are Meenakshi Khosla, Dilip Sonetha and Ruchi Aurora.
  • The 26 Sept 2010 programme was a great success with our chief guest arriving at 12 noon and staying back for the full programme till 6.30 pm. Members enjoyed the many reminiscences Rahman Naushad Ali shared about his father. The Founder President Dr Ajai Singh anchored the programme.

Regular Monthly Meet Sept 2010

  • The regular monthly meet will be held on 26 Sept 2010 [Sunday] 9.30 am onwards at Purandare Hall, Ground floor, V.P. Road, Mulund [W], Mumbai 400 080. The Chief Guest is Music Director Naushad Ali's son Rahman Naushad Ali. The theme for this programme is songs of Music Director Naushad Ali.
  • Programme details at
  • For earlier programmes of 2010, see

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